Each market day for the rest of the summer, we’re delighted to bring you Hatch & Hype, where we feature an exciting local product available right here at the TIFM

Hatch & Hype

August 14th:True Blue Bakery

Have you checked out Hatch & Hype yet?  A BC Farmers Market initiative exclusive to the Kootenays, H & H features a fantastic local vendor and product each week- look for the big orange Hatch & Hype Tent to check out the product and get a special recipe to prepare at home!

This week we welcome brand new business True Blue Bakery, authentic Aussie goods handmade in the great white north and their Anzac Biscuits.

Proprietor Tahlia says:

“Anzac Bikkies are an old Australian cookie that were made for soldiersduring world war one. They were easy to make with rations, provide good energy, and were able to last the long trip overseas. They are now a classic favourite and can be found in many different forms. This recipe is the one my mum still makes to this day.”

Be sure to swing by and check out Tahila’s creations, collect your recipe for Anzac Bikkies, and don’t forget to tag us on your handiwork on facebook and the ‘gram!

Hatch & Hype

July 31st:Kootenay Kimchi

The first Hatch & Hype product was from local legends Kootenay Kimchi. Check out their wildly popular Kimchi- a spicy Korean side dish created from salted, fermented vegetables, using a from scratch family recipe.  

With Hatch & Hype we are making the market a one-stop-shop where you can go home with dinner ingredients all ready to prepare and cook.

Don’t worry if you missed Kootenay Kimchi, you can check out the recipes for Korean Pancakes and Korean Fried Rice below and download them to use!

Both recipes feature items that can be easily found around the market- and takes the guesswork out of dinner.  There will be a new recipe each market week, so stay tuned.