“Volunteering for TIFM Christmas market was incredible! This team is organized and very well-run with the interest of the community at its core”  – Lisa Derby
“I started volunteering to fill some of my time since retiring. Helping out in the community has been a
great feeling. I have met so many wonderful people that are just so much fun to spend time with. I like
physical work and this gives me that opportunity. It has been a great experience, sometimes a lot of work.
But is so satisfying when we see all the smiling faces passing through the market. The vendors work very
hard at their crafts and it is great to be part of the group that provides them the venue. Please come join us
for fun, smiles and laughter.” -Diane Hardie.

“Volunteering  at the market is a blast,

So many people, some from your past!

You haven’t seen them in awhile,

So you greet them with a smile.

Lots of vendors and shoppers alike,

People walking, or on a bike.

T.I.F.M. is the place to be,

Local goods everywhere, and the smiles are free!”

– Gisele Picard